EVER HAD AN IDEA FOR A LOGO? The EDA announces a competition for everyone with a good idea.

Logos are used by most businesses and also by many other organisations. Logos provide a common link across their activities. In the case of the EDA we have the Journal, a Website, promotional circular and numerous events. Perhaps it is time we had a contemporary logo.

The EDA Executive Committee invite anyone to submit ideas for a new logo. You do not need to be good at drawing - just sketch your idea with notes on any colour preferences and we will sort it out from there! Our door is open to visually strong ideas.

This year is the 120th year of the existence of the EDA. You might like to include that in the logo but it is not essential.

In order to get the very best ideas this is being run as a competition open to everyone including draughts/checker players not currently members of the EDA. The award for the best idea/design will be three years membership of the EDA if the winner is an outsider or a current subscriber; or if a current life member a payment of £40.


1. You may submit up to three entries. Please include contact information but keep clear of the artwork.

2. The winner will be selected by the EDA Chairman whose decision will be final. To ensure impartiality he will be supplied with the entries bearing a number only to identify the sender (see rules 5 & 6 below)

3. Ideas should be original and not exploit any other logo in terms of copyright. Entry is deemed to allow the EDA to develop and use the winning logo as it sees fit.

4. Entries must be submitted no later than 5 October 2018. The result will be announced electronically and in the December issue of the Journal and on the website and Facebook group. Entries may be in any suitable format - see below.

5. Hand drawn ideas can be posted.  Contact Englishdraughtsuk@gmail.com for a postal address. These will be numbered and the entrant's details kept on record and then the designs will be passed on to the EDA chairman for judging without knowing who sent any design.

6. Alternatively, hand-drawn ideas may be scanned or photographed and submitted by email to Englishdraughtsuk@gmail.com  These entries will also be numbered and passed on to The judge as aforesaid.

Good Luck with the creativity.