Update on New Faces Tournament -

Paul Braithwaite gives an update on the “New Faces” proposal.

            I realise now that giving a long time to the date for closure of entries was a mistake.  Anyone thinking of entering the novice tournament “New Faces” is likely to be holding on to their payment until the last minute even though the associated membership subs run to calendar year.  This might explain why there have been very few commitments to date.

            In the circular I did ask for people to make an expression of interest in advance.  This seems to have been ignored.  I wonder if there are many talkers but no true wannabe competition players at the lower skill levels.  If that is so then I am wasting my time and substantial money putting on the event.  So, unless there is some interest shown in “New Faces” by the end of July I will have to scrap the event.  Very disappointed.

An information leaflet is below.   Please register interest ASAP!!!

E Draughts,
Jun 13, 2019, 2:31 AM