Irish Open
October 26-28 2019 

Masters Section
1st Shane McCosker
2nd Tom Watson
3rd Nadiya Chyzhevska

Seniors Section
1st Keith Foubister
2nd Liam Kelly
3rd Graham Young

Bill Dobbins (Front table left) playing Nadiya Chyzhevska

Tom Watson (front left) playing Myles Hannigan and Bill Dobbins (back left) playing Shane McCosker

Patricia Breen (left) playing Tom Kee (right)

Con Boyle (front right) playing Sean O’Driscoll and Sean Philips (back left) playing Colin Young 

Nadiya Chyzhevska (front right) and Sean McElkenny (back right)

Francis McNally (back left) playing Frank Moran 

Graham Young (back left) playing Billy Kelly