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Those who have been quietly playing draughts against computer programs may yearn for a bit of real crossboard play.  Also, those developing with local affiliate groups may feel the need to expand their rivalry amongst others.   So this could be the time to hold a tournament for those who fear that they would be embarrased to enter national level championships.

It is now proposed to hold a "New Faces to Draughts Tournament" specifically for relatively novice players and those with little exposure to the experienced exponents of our game.  Such a proposal is being presented to the EDA AGM in April 2019.  The Tournament will be held in Coventry on 26 October 2019.  Due to cost to players of overnight hotel stays, etc., it is be a one-day event.

Master players and those who have achieved better than eighth place in any national championship are not eligible to enter this Tournament.  

The exact format can only be determined once the level of interest is established.  It might be simply an arrangement to play everybody if there are few interested.  (Perhaps minimum of ten to proceed)  Or, some form of groupings if the idea has a wide take-up.  Or, self-chosen groups by ability such as raw novice, some experience, or quietly competant.    


Current Details:

Prizes of £300 for winner;  £250 for second;  £200 for third;  £150 for fourth;  £100 for fifth place.   Alternatively with two playing groups the prizes will be £250 for winner; £150 for second; £100 for third for each group.   Might even be some trophies!

- An entry fee of £10 payable with formal registration application non-refundable and intended to contribute a little to administration costs.

The Event will take place in Coventry, 26 October 2019.   It will be at the Walsgrave Baptist Church (Function Room), a venue close to the M6/M69 motorways junction for easy car access.

- Please indicate your preferred grouping if the event is split:- novice, limited experience or competant.

- A one-day event, say 10.00 am to 7.00pm, with lunch break say 12.30 to 1.30  (advise if your travel would make you prefer other times).


Paul Braithwaite by email at or the webmaster of this site at

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Jul 15, 2019, 2:28 AM