The March issue of our quarterly "JOURNAL" has now been distributed and has a mixed content.  Top of the bill, perhaps, is the Player Profile given by Brian Poole MBE.  It should inspire fresh players to the game in recounting how through desire and determination he managed to find the draughts world.  The vortex led him to develop playing skills and advance to international team level.

            The spring issue always forms a precursor to the EDA's annual general meeting.  On this occasion the submission of only three motions serves to show how settled the organisation is at present.   The agenda reminds us that officers must be re-elected and that there is an opening for a publicity officer.

            Armchair players may appreciate David Kotin's complimentary and enthusiastic review of Richard Pask's 2017 book "Complete Checkers."  Whilst comfortably seated you can also study another of Jim Loy's game annotations which, on this occasion, is from Scheidt v Anderton at the USA v GB International of 1973.   Now sip your tea whilst you resolve the six "problems." 

            Since there was little matchplay over the last quarter the results focus on action by the West Midlands Draughts Association and guests.   International events are also reported including the latest ranking positions of top GB and Irish players as published by the American Checker Federation.

            Information and promotion of the proposed "New Faces" Tournament is included for the benefit of the members who do not access the internet.  On the latter, Louise McManus has provided another breathtaking account of recent activity on the facebook group site and on the EDA webpages.

            As always, if you feel something is missing from the Journal then you know that the editor is waiting for you to send stuff of interest to fellow players around the world.

Paul Braithwaite, Editor, EDA Journal.