from Editor, Paul Braithwaite.

The Editor was worried about an apparent shortage of material in the early days of work on this issue.  Once more, however, good fortune arrived.  This time by way of articles from Chris Reekie and Ephrame Demissie to accompany three USA contributions.   An English balance was kindly provided by Ken Lovell.

The Scottish Open takes pride of place with a front cover picture of the championship competitors.   A crosstable of the results is to be found in the centre pages spread.  Lovell has gone to considerable trouble to arrange the information so that results are tabulated in order of finishing position, rather than abstract player numbers.  He hopes that this approach will be adopted by other match reporters in future.

The Cohen Memorial tournament is recorded by results from John Jolliff and a players group photo from Tony Gallagher.

Ephrame Demissie provides an overview of the multiple versions of draughts that are actively enjoyed in Ethiopia as well as photos of himself and a games event.

The USA bids to provide the most for our English Journal.  Jim Loy continues his valuable series of game annotations.  This issue turns to a game from the English Open of 1989.  We also mention his re-issue of his booklet covering all 104 games of that championship.  Bill Salot (now a life member) continues to popularise his Unofficial World Champion Problemist website by offering free post-out of the competition problems to those who lack computers!  Bill also kindly arranged for fellow American Roy Little to provide problems to the EDA Journal;  one being featured in this issue.  Roy's name will be recognised as the four-times winner of the Unofficial World Problem Composer title.

The English Flag of problem composers is waved by Melvyn Green.  Two of his problems were picked by John Reade for this issue.  Both Green and Salot intend contributing to the December issue of the EDA Journal.

The Solutions to all problems are, from this issue, being provided on other pages rather than held over to the next issue.

Collector's Corner makes a reappearance in the shape of a wonderful photo by Ken Lovell of Tinsley v Oldbury, taken during the USA vs GB & Ireland International, 1983.

Chris Reekie informs and entertains in research about James Lees, 1864-1899, the celebrated draughts analyst.

David Kotin contributes another enthusiastic review of a Richard Pask book, this time "Checkers for the Novice."

This issue lives up to the Editor's aim of providing a range of material to cover the world of draughts and will, hopefully, be used by everyone to promote our beloved game.