2.3 Birmingham Cup 2019

Birmingham Cup 2019

The Birmingham Cup event was held on 9th November 2019, at the Austin Club, Longbridge, Birmingham.

It was played on the Swiss System with 7 rounds, GAYP style. There were 9 entrants and Ken Lovell was referee. Eljus Shipovski scored a brilliant win against Tony Boyle in Round 1 and despite Tony’s valiant efforts Eljus held on to win the tournament, with Mike Peach being the only player to grab a draw against him.


Place Player Points Honour Pts

1st Eljus Shipovski 13

2nd Tony Boyle 12

3rd Pat Cremin 9

4th Tony Gallagher 8 54

5th Mike Peach 8 48

6th Tony Hynes 8 45

7th Richard Ball 6

8th Alan Stuchfield 4

9th Mark Cohen 2

Back: Eljus Shipovski(winner), Pat Cremin, Tony Boyle, Tony Gallagher, Richard Ball.

Front: Alan Stuchfield, Mike Peach, Mark Cohen, Ken Lovell (referee) absent Tony Hynes

Eljus Shipovski(left) playing Tony Boyle(right)

Photos from Ken Lovell