2.4 New Faces/Novice Tournament


NEW FACES TOURNAMENT - The organiser's viewpoint - Paul Braithwaite.

The competition was divided into two sections of six players which nicely matched their self-assessment of skill level. Thus every player had a real fifty percent change of winning the three cash prizes to each section. I insisted on a straight meet every player format per section rather than Swiss rules. The players were great at keeping things at a lively pace and although timing led me to expect only eight games we manages to do ten so that everyone did play everyone else! It was Go As You Please, After some discussion it was decided that in the event of a tie for any place then the cumulative monies would be split equally.

A genuine new face Eljus Shipovski was a revelation. He is an Estonian now resident in Coventry. His clean sweep in the novice section (earning £250) was only contained in the two games against William Leeper who held him to draws. Leeper came through to take the second place (£150). Mark Cohen was pleased with his improved play to claim a clear third spot (£100). Thanks also to Stuart Pearman and Rob Greenaway for challenging play.

In the competent players section top place was earned by Pat Cremin (£250) after a late surge to score ahead of challenger Tony Hynes. At the same time old-hand Mike Peach rallied to take a share of the equal second place with Tony (prize money split £125 each). On this occasion Richard Ball, Tony Gallagher and Simon Smith failed to reep any reward for their competitive play.

Feedback on the day was positive and all would like to see similar events organised in other parts of England. The venue was well liked and is very close to the M6/M69 motorways junction. It has been suggested as a venue for future events as it is central in England.

My sincere thanks to Tony Boyle for his prolonged efforts to persuade the West MIdlands contingent to enter this event and to him for taking on the duties of referee. On the day Ken Lovell sought shelter from the rain and assisted in the official duties.

Pat Cremin presented with award by Paul Braithwaite, Tony Boyle at rear.

Eljus Shipovski presented with award by Paul Braithwaite and Tony Boyle watching.

Players Group: Standing, Back Row, left to right: Tony Boyle (referee), Pat Cremin, Tony Hynes, Gary Pollard, William Leeper, Eljus Shipovski, Rob Greenaway;

Seated, Front Row: (L to R): Stuart Pearman, Mark Cohen, Mike Peach, Tony Gallagher, Simon Smith, Richard Ball.

The trophy design (c) and made by Paul Braithwaite