3.1 Welcome to New Players of Draughts


You have probably discovered that draughts is a deceptive game. The rules are so simple that many of us played the game as children. You have perhaps grown beyond that and have played against a computer program or good players and discovered that it is actually a difficult game to master at a competitive level.

The fact that you have visited this website strongly suggests that you are competitive and want to win at draughts. The majority of members in the English Draughts Association say that their skill development in the game was due to playing against good players and listening to their advice. You can do the same by getting involved now.

Although novices often get beaten we are sure that you will find lots of pleasure in the intricacies of the game itself as well as sharing a common passion with fellow members. You will enjoy a mix of mental challenge and fun! Before long you might reach master level.

Our organisation is a member of the group which set the rules of the game worldwide and we hold rights to run national championships. If you are aiming for the top then we are the group to join. We also have members in several countries who want to share news and information about the game.

We have some mentors to assist novice players and are currently recreating some intermediate level tournament events to encourage progress of players and their skills. There continue to be a number of stand-alone contests around England, often held in memory of former great players and they are open to all competitors.

The EDA produce a quarterly Journal which conveys the latest match results, profiles of players, game analysis and so on. Players are mostly active within local groups that are affiliated to the EDA. Membership is by calendar year but those joining later in the year get back-issues of the Journal for the year of subscription, or a roll-over arrangement.