5.1 Online Turn

Turn Based Game Play

A turn based game is a game where players take turns when playing and these turns may be made at a certain interval which is set when the game is accepted. The interval is usually set at a maximum interval of 1 day to many days.

Players do not need to be online at the same time. You can make your move go offline and return once your opponent has made their move to do another move. Games may take days, weeks or even months from start to end.


GOLDTOKEN - turn based games GAYP, 3 Move, 11 man ballot, Tournaments and online Clubs and ladders, discussion boards including a specific Checker Discussion Board. Free to JOIN and play. A paid membership allows more moves, tournaments and features.


WYLLIE DRAUGHTS - a very interesting site with information and history of the game of draughts. It is a secure site and is best used with Internet Explorer browser. It has an annual cost and this can be paid via PayPal. 3 move openings, GAYP and 11 man ballot are available to be played.


ITS YOUR TURN - turn based games GAYP. 3 Move - 1 leg and can get losing openings, Tournaments and ladders. Free to JOIN and play. Paid membership allows more moves and features.


BOARDOM - A general gaming website that includes Checkers as well as a number of other games. The interface is modern and compulsory jumps are automatically taken by the system.


APPS - Available as android and apple APP.